During each revolution, in each historical genesis, a fight over territory takes place, and in each battle there are survivors and fallen heroes. In between, there are those who suffered terrible injuries but are still able to tell History. Our Cabildo, the oldest spectator of argentine History, is also one of its main injured.
The Cabildo is still standing but it is not the same as it was. This project thinks the Cabildo as the body of our nation and researches in the museum collection for materials (texts, paintings, photographs) that show the architectural transformations the building suffered during the centuries. The project seeks to reflect on how these transformations condense the way argentines feel about their cultural heritage. ¿What should we do with this old building? That´s the question many politicians and citizens have been trying to answer over decades. Around this architectural piece there is a tension between historic preservation and revolutionary destruction.
The result of the research takes form of a short video that explores Argentine History, and the personality of our nation, by analyzing the architectural transformations of the Cabildo building.

This project was possible thanks to Activar Patrimonio (Argentina Ministry of Culture).