The video analyses the phenomenon of The Monster, name given to the fierce audience of the International Song Festival of Viña del Mar (Chile). The empowered crowd cheers for their favorite artists but also pressures musicians and comedians to leave the stage early through intense shouting and booing. The Monster is the main act of the festival and a unique case of audience-artist interaction. The origins of The Monster can be traced back to Chile´s last dictatorship, as a sort of collective catharsis similar to the roman coliseum or the French guillotine. The video presents a series of accounts from fans and specialists, along with footage of the audience during the festival with a monstrous soundtrack, and images of the empty arena where the shows takes place every year.

Video produced during Molten Capital residency (Santiago de Chile) with support of Molten Capital / Matucana 100 / Embajada de la República Argentina