A heritage we don´t know. It is said that film history was written by north americans and europeans. Few people know that two of the most well known and profitable film genres were born in Argentina in the beginning of the 20th century: animation and porn. The foundational movies were made by Europeans that had migrated to our country, and their production would not have been possible without the help of the local context. Several film historians assure the importance and legacy of these films but the fact that there are no copies left makes it difficult for them to be considered relevant. These films are still foreigners in their own country. The project tries to praise the mythological value of these two movies and set them as pioneers, by asking ourselves about artistic production in specific contexts. How can we write a history of cinema from the periphery? The question refers to a geographic periphery – film history told from Latin-America – as well as other disciplines – an approach to cinema and it´s history from the perspective of the visual arts –.

Solo exhibition at Museo La Ene